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Black men lead in unemployment. News Team

Economic crises means racial crises for “multicultural” American.

Unemployment rates among black men have surged to over 13%, far above the national average.

For years, unskilled blacks have been replaced in the workforce by third world immigrants who will work for less. The conversion has lead to ever rising black crimes rates. Now the economic crises has compounded the situation.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the black unemployment reached 12% last December. For just black men, the rate was 13.4%. Several newspapers claim it hit 13.5% by the end of the year. The national unemployment rate is 7.2%. This means that the unemployment rate for black men is roughly double the overall white unemployment rate.

The Bureau also states that blacks raised in middle income families are three times more likely to become low income adults than white children raised in middle income families.

Of course this is all the fault of the government, ie white people. Not one newspaper, foundation, or government agency suggest that black people try working harder. Nor do they suggest closing the border so blacks don’t have to compete with illegal aliens and other low skilled immigrants.