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Denver Ditches “Too White” Mascot


The University of Denver has scrapped their non-Indian mascot on the grounds he was too white and not sufficiently “diverse”. The lovable, chubby-cheeked “Boone” was created by Walt Disney in 1968 and represented the University of Denver Pioneers until 1998 for his “lack of gender inclusiveness and the changing image of the university.” A campaign to re-instate Boone as mascot was growing stream, with a recent poll showing 87% wanting to bring back the pudgy pioneer.

“We are a university that has been very sensitive to diversity and one of our objectives is to be inclusive,” said Miss Kumar, who is on the committee. “And this was an opportunity for us to come together and show our inclusiveness.”

Normally Universities remove mascots for their alleged depictions of non-whites in a derogatory manner. The removal of Boone marks the first time a white character has been removed, but only because it affects “diversity”.

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