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Diversity bizarro world. News Team

by The Western Defender

Hispanic leads “anti-Zionist” rally near Jewish neighborhood. Protesters get ugly.

Whether you support Israel or not, the attacks on European Jews by Arab immigrants across Northern Europe is precisely the reason why a nation must control it’s immigration policy. When you have racial/ethnic/religious wars between minorities groups it should be a wake up call to close your borders.

Countries like the US, Canada, Australia, France, and Britain have so many immigrant fifth columns it is destroying these nations at the seems.

Recently a group of 200, mostly Arabs, held an “anti-Zionist” rally in Ft. Lauderdale. The chants turned to shouts and death threats when a group of Jewish counter-protesters lined the opposite side of the street. Just watch the video on It is only a matter of time until we see Middle East violence spill into the United States. For years, the violence has already been spilling into France, and this time it has spread all across Northern Europe.

Ironically the Jewish Forward, the largest Jewish publication in the world, has bragged repeatedly about the Jewish commitment to immigrant rights, amnesty, and open borders. Other Jewish publications do the same. They literally brag and boast about their commitment to third world immigration.

To me it is bizarre that the Jewish community at large is still championing open borders and multiculturalism. Jews even voted for Obama by 77%! The end result of the policies that huge numbers of Jewish groups are campaigning for is to import hundreds of thousands of people who hate the Jews’ guts.

The most bizarre part of this rally, is the fact that it wasn’t even led by an Arab. It was lead by a radical Hispanic, who is the state coordinator for a militant Marxist gang called ANSWER. has been predicting for the past year that the multicultural lovefest known as the Democratic party is about to collapse under it’s own bs. The major cracks we see growing is animosity between blacks and Mestizos, and the fight over how much to support Israel.

The fight over Israel in the American left-wing is going to get ugly. You have these Marxist sheep who are constantly looking for the next big thing. For awhile they had South Africa to hate. They ranted and raved about how evil Apartheid was. Now Apartheid is gone, and black ruled South Africa is the murder and rape capitol of the world. They don’t want to talk about South Africa any more. They need a new enemy. A new foe to rant and rave about. A new “Apartheid” to denounce.

Many leftists have found this in Israel. This puts politicians like Hillary and Obama on the hot seat. They have received millions upon millions from Jews and Jewish groups and have have pledged to defend Israel.

Frankly I don’t see how the Democrats or the Republicans are going to survive intact. Basically we have laws that protect the two party system and make it hard for third parties to emerge. I think we will see nasty takeovers and fights in the GOP and Democrat county executive committees all across the nation.

Among the Democrats you will have one county, where the committee is completely run by blacks and seeks only to advance the interests of blacks. One county over you’ll have Mestizos running the show, who only want to advance the interests of Mestizos. Next county, you’ll have some idiot Marxist white who run their county and can’t figure out why the blacks and Mestizos can’t get along. They will probably blame it on a “racist” white conspiracy.

The GOP will be more simple. You will have various conservatives in the vein of Regan, Wallace, and Ron Paul taking control of the GOP in the most conservative areas. In some rural parts of the deep south, we may even see a few county GOPs (gasp) openly promote the interests of white people. In the big cities neo-Conservatives in the vein of McCain/Bush will stay in control and denounce the “racist, redneck” Republicans in the countryside.