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Economic woes fan riots and talk of secession across Europe. News Team

Anti-Government rallies held in response to the economic crises have turned into riots in Bulgaria, Latvia, and Lithuania. Experts predict a melt down in Romania as well. Financial trouble in the Ukraine has a shut down of the transit system that delivers fuel from Russia to Europe sparking an energy crises in several central European nations.

Now talk has turned to secession in many countries. Scottish secession in particular has sparked an international debate in Europe for years. The United Kingdom has been inching towards a breakup for decades, and the new economic woes may be the straw that breaks the camels’ back.

There has always been strong support in Scotland for secession. However, with many English viewing Scotland as a drag on their economy, their is unprecedented support for Scottish Independance in England. Nearly half of English said they want to divorce Wales and Northern Ireland as well.