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GOP continues shooting bullets into it's own corpse. News

In Michigan in 2006, a ballot initiative to end government sponsored affirmative action passed with 58%. Almost no Republican candidates would support the measure, and Republicans lost the state the Democrats all in the same election! Yet the “Stupid Party” has learned nothing!

“Micheal Steele brings little to the GOP except for the color of his skin” – Baltimore Sun.

Meet the new improved GOP. Steele’s supporters actually believe that having a black chairman will cause the media to be nice to them and blacks to leave the Democratic party.

On the issues:

Very pro-Affirmative Action. In 2006 Steele not only reaffirmed his commitment to affirmative action, but said it should be expanded.

Steele has also indicated he believes in more Federal handouts. “New Civil Rights Struggle would be a struggle for the right to own the diner [not just sit in it].” – Micheal Steele 2005

Very pro-Gun Control. Strongly supports the Clinton gun ban. Claims “Society should draw lines” on what guns people can and can not own.

The only thing Steele is noted for being a conservative on is immigration and energy policy. However the GOP has already completely backed off immigration for fear of losing Hispanic voters.