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House passes massive spending bill. News Team

Much of economic stimulus plan seems aimed at minorities.

$16 Billion for Public Housing.
$6 Billion for “low income” home owners.
$120 Billion for public schools, with $41 Billion earmarked for specific districts.
$15.6 Billion for “need based” college scholarships (“need-based” = no whites allowed).
$87 Billion for medicaid (the fund that is broke from paying for illegal aliens).
$10 Billion for public transportation (you know the buses whites are afraid to get on).
$31 Billion to modernize public buildings (this worked so well in Detroit).
$2.9 Billion earmarked exclusively for American Indians.

We are told that $140 Billion is going to “cut cuts.” However by “tax cuts” they are including increasing the child tax credit. The child tax credit actually increases welfare spending. When a welfare queen with four kids pays no taxes all year and then gets a fat check from the IRS for $4,000, it is called a “refund” instead of more welfare. Even though the recipient paid $0 in taxes. So part of the $140 Billion in “tax cuts” is actually more welfare spending.

Watch Obama economic adviser Robert Reich demand that the money go to “unskilled minorities,” and that “white males” be left out. Reich has defended by his comments despite a public outrage.

[youtube opxuUj6vFa4]