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Idiot white family sends 17 year old daughter to South Africa. Gang raped by blacks within four days. News Teen

A Belgium family sent their 17 year old daughter to South Africa as a foreign exchange student to stay with a black host family in Soweta, South Africa. Soweto is a sprawling black slum outside of Johannesburg. One can only assume that the family is on the extreme fringes of cult of multiculturalism to do something so outrageously stupid.

Within days, her black host family took her to a party. She was told to use the restroom at a house next door. When she came out of the bathroom and group of black thugs was waiting for her and immediately began gang raping her. She pleaded with them that she was still a virgin, which obviously made the gleeful attackers even more excited.

According to medical reports the girl was left with “severe gynecological and physical injuries.” The only thing shocking about the gang rape is that police officers actually arrived and broke it up before the girl could be murdered.

Due to efforts by the Belgium embassy, the South African government has made prosecuting the rapists a top priority. The vast overwhelming majority of rapists in South Africa are never prosecuted. However, the girl must return to South Africa to testify in person.

This case highlights the vile audacity of the extreme left-wing. To sacrifice your own daughter for a political cause, is something that you never see in the right-wing. Only among white leftists do you see people allowing themselves or their children to be brutalized or killed to prove how committed to braindead social theories they are.