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Internationally publicized "neo-nazi hate crime" was another hoax! Have any of these crimes EVER turned out to be non-hoaxes? News Team

For the past month the European media has been buzzing about a German police chief who say he was stabbed by “neo-nazis.” The hoaxer claimed that he was attacked by “neo-nazis” who called him a “leftist pig” and stabbed him.

Hundreds of law enforcement officials in three different countries wasted thousands of man hours searching for the fictional “neo-nazis.” The media wailed about the threat of “neo-nazi violence” all over Europe for weeks. The media howled “right wing extremists” over and over. This despite the fact that left-wing Marxist gangs and Middle Eastern immigrants are currently rioting and committing actual, real violence across Europe at this very moment.

After a long investigation, Bavarian state police have found that the knife used in the attack came from the hoaxers’ own house! He had even used to knife to cut a birthday cake at a neighbor’s house just days before.

State police say the man was stabbed during a domestic dispute with his wife.

You can expect the left-wing European media to spend 1% as much time explaining that it was all a hoax, as they did enthusiastically screaming about fictional “neo-nazis.”