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Kirsten Brydum: She died for your stupidity! News Team

Kirsten Brydum was an avowed Marxist and political activist from San Fransisco. She was so brainwashed by multicultural propaganda that she traveled the country by train to campaign for Barack Obama.

Fresh from protesting the evil GOP at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Kirsten arrived in New Orleans by Amtrack with just a suitcase and an old bicycle.

That’s when her naive idealism caught up with her. Kirsten was shot in the head while riding her bike through a black neighborhood. Her corpse sprawled on the sidewalk for several hours. None of the residents would even call the police. Police were finally notified by construction workers in the area the next day.

The press reported the murder as an “attempted robbery” even though nothing, not even her bicycle, was stolen. “Attempted robbery” is a common media decoy phrase  for a racially motivated attack on a white person by a non-white.

What came next was even more shocking. Her own Marxist friends posted online memorials, but would not even mention how she died. The enlightened San Fransisco Chronicle ran a column insulting Kirsten instead of talking about rampant black on white violence and murder. The San Fransisco Chronicle wanted to make sure more idiot whites, drunk on the cult of multiculturalism, keep following in Kirsten’s fatal footsteps.

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