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Nashville paper angry that CofCC is effective. News Team

With new members joining every single day of the week either online, through the mail, or through local chapters, the CofCC is larger and better organized than ever before.

With this unprecedented period of recruitment comes the most vicious attacks on the C of CC ever. CNN ran a report which displayed our website twice, but blurred out the web address and didn’t even give the name of our organization! Imagine that. They called us a “hate group” and “racist,” and claimed website instigates “white on black violence.” (The press rarely mentions that the vast majority of whites involved in interracial crime are victims and not perpetrators.)

In the “mainstream” newspapers, reports on the C of CC are usually negative with an occasional one-sentence quote from a C of CC member. This way, the newspaper pretends to be”fair and balanced.”

Just look at this leftist propaganda piece in the Nashville Tennessean which we are supposed to believe is a “news story” and not a far-left editorial.

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