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Nation of Islam/New Black Panther Party attack Obama over support for Israel. News Team

Right before the election, Louis Farrakhan was calling Obama the “Messiah.” Now his newspaper, Final Call, is publishing an attack piece on Obama written by the leader of the militant New Black Panther Party.

From Final Call…

Mr. President, Barack Hussein Obama, is being set up. His earlier overtures to AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), visiting sites in southern Israel (occupied Palestine) and invoking his daughters safety as synonymous to Israeli babies safety—all the while being appallingly mute to the rivers of blood of Palestinian babies underneath his feet—are coming back to haunt him. Obama is too new and naïve, but will soon understand that the Israelis will hold him strictly accountable to their own pre-set agenda which has nothing to do with a change for the better or an equitable and lasting peace. President Obama would be exceedingly unwise to duplicate the de facto Bush/U.S. rubber stamp of all Israeli policy and actions in the current conflict lest he blow his big opportunity to bring about a real change in the precarious dynamics of the Middle East conflict and change the negative image the United States Government has in the region, Muslim world and planet at large.

It’s one thing for Mr. Obama to pray at the Wailing Wall and don a yarmulke as a campaign strategy, perhaps to allay unfounded fears that he was anti-Israel. It is wholly another matter to stand firm and act on the righteous principles and spiritual values that any true Jew would when wronging another people and causing an oppressed neighbor harm and suffering— which is to seek atonement, repentance and forgiveness for their grievous sins and make amends to the people aggrieved. In other words, was Obama praying at that Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as a sincere act of respect for the principles and values of the faith or was he formally swearing-in as a partner in the twisted Zionist construct that repeatedly, as now in Gaza, deviates substantially from the laws of the God, the prophets, international human rights standards and the fundamental precepts of justice and peace?

President Obama is at the crossroads and can alter the course of history in this conflict. He can give hope to the remaining world that he is a fresh new face and not just a new voice wrapped over stale and outmoded U.S. foreign policy that has been rooted in preserving the inequities of post colonial stratagem that embraces a double standard of American, and in this case Israeli, exceptionalism. If it is not terrorism that Israel is using against Gaza in this hour, then terrorism does not exist.

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