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New York Times: Obama has magically lifted black test scores. News Team

New Education piece in New York Times reads like a comedy skit.

After only a few days as president, Obama has magically lifted black test scores claims the New York Times.

Dr. Friedman, David M. Marx, and Sei Jin Ko claim that a sample group of Negros took a test twice, before and after the inaugaration. They claim their test scores improved dramatically after Obama was elected.

Part of the reasoning as to why blacks perform badly is that whites people made them feel “anxious,” and “incompetent.” President Obama has allowed blacks to relax and perform at their true level.

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Hundreds of IQ tests administrered by every level of government and the US army for the past 100 years shows that the average American Negro IQ is 15-20 points lower than the average American Caucasian. Mulatoes like Obama outperform other Negros on average, but still below Caucasians.

Among Negros and Caucasians who graduate from college, their average is substantially higher than their overall group averages. However, the IQ gap between Caucasian college graduates and Negro college graduates exceeds 20 points in most studies.