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Non-white gangs terrorizing the United States. News Team


USA Today claims 80% of US crime is committed by gang members. Estimates gang membership at 900,000 on the streets and another 147,000 in prison.

Article focuses on the notorious MS-13 Hispanic gang which now has activity in nearly every state.

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Look at the charts to the right!

This data is from 2004. Gang membership in the US is almost half Hispanic! The overwhelming majority of gang members are non-white! Look at the data for “rural counties.” Black gang membership is the highest in rural areas.

No you know the left-wing mantra “black commit more crime only because they live in the inner cities” is total nonsense! In the deep south, there are extremely rural majority black counties. Some with less than 15,000 people in the whole county. Yet the black murder rate in these sparsely populated counties is just as high as the black murder rate in the cities!

Shenanigans Alert! Many of the gangs classified as “white” are actually immigrants who can barely be called “white.” For example Albanian and Bosniak Muslim immigrants, who are referred to as “Turkified People” by the rest of Europe, make up much of the “white” gang membership in LA County and NYC/NJ area. Albanian gangs also terrorize the UK, Germany, and Italy.

In other areas gangs members from the Middle East and Central Asia are classified as “white” gang members.