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Notorious left-wing British judge frees thug. Says victim is to "honest" for thug to get fair trial! News Team

A British judge on the fringes of the far left freed a gang member who mugged a young woman. It was part of a gang assault/robbery. The judge halted the trial after only one day and said the victim was “too honest” for the thug to get a fair trial. He said the victim’s testimony was so good it would unfairly sway the jury. The thug, who is also pleading guilty to burglary in another case, was set free by the insane judge.

The Judge has a history of refusing to prosecute violent criminals and sending them straight back to the streets to prey on others.

From UK Mail…

A yob accused of robbing a driving instructor walked free from court after a judge ruled his alleged victim was ‘too believable’ to give evidence.

Mother-of-two Denise Dawson, 36, was praised for being ‘honest, utterly decent and brave’ when she testified against Liam Perks, 20.

But the trial was stopped on the first day because Judge Jamie Tabor QC ruled her good character may unfairly sway the jury against the defendant.

He decided that her solitary, split-second identification of the man accused of robbing her was simply not enough.

Judge Tabor said he feared the upstanding member of the community might just sway the jury in a case where the evidence fell short.

He told Bristol Crown Court: ‘Denise Dawson was a particularly impressive witness because she showed courage, clarity of thought and was undoubtedly honest.

‘The jury may lend more weight to her evidence than her facts allow. You cannot be sure she got it right.

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