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NPR shows true left-wing colors again. News Team

Photo Left: Africa Immigrants riot in Italy. NPR calls the riot a “demonstration.”

NPR and PBS is a non-stop left-wing propaganda machine subsidized with YOUR TAXDOLLARS! During the presidential election PBS ran non-stop pro-Obama propaganda pieces thinly veiled as “documentaries.”

NPR has been targeting Italy as a “racist” country for years now. A new piece on NPR denigrates the Italian government as (yawn) “racist” for not wanting their country flooded with millions of illiterate and crime prone African illegal aliens, many of which have HIV/AIDS as well as other diseases.

NPR calls the violent mob of illegal aliens African illegal aliens destroying city property(pictured above) a “demonstration against the Neapolitan mafia.”

NPR claims that since millions of Italians once moved to countries like America and Argentina, they should allow millions of Africans to completely overwhelm their tiny nation. NPR calls Italy a “racism emergency” because, horror of all horrors, many Italians want to protect their culture and standard of living.

Read taxpayer subsidized vicious left-wing propaganda piece on NPR website.