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Obama signs bill making it easier to sue your employer. News Team

The nanny state just got bigger. Obama thinks more lawsuits against employers for “discrimination” will be good for economy.

From AP…

Obama, choosing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act as the first bill to sign as president, called it a “wonderful day” and declared that ending pay disparities between men and woman an issue not just for women, but for all workers.

With Ledbetter standing by his side, Obama said she lost more than $200,000 in salary, and even more in pension and Social Security benefits that she “still feels today.” He then signed the measure that effectively nullifies a 2007 Supreme Court decision and makes it easier for workers to sue for discrimination by allowing them more time to do so.

“Making our economy work means making sure it works for everyone,”

Shenanigans Alert! Notice how the Democratic congress named the bill after a white woman. The bill makes it easier to sue your employer on the grounds of “gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion or disability.” I think we know who is really doing the majority of the suing, and it’s not white women.