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Obama Wants to Draft Women.


Barack Hussein Obama said he will require women to register with the Selective Service, making them eligible for the military draft for the first time in American History. He also wants to put women in combat positions.

Media commentary today and in recent days indicates that there is the possibility that the Obama White House will reinstitute the draft as part of its “stimulus plan” to “create” several million new jobs in the U.S. One wonders how the idealistic, youthful, leftist Obama voters — most of whom don’t even know the names of the capitals of their own states, let alone the capitals of foreign countries — will react to conscription.

A principle of liberty is that the armed forces should be composed of volunteers. The U.S. military embraces this position as well, arguing, for decades, that an all-volunteer force is motivated and will do its job more effectively than conscripts. One of the reasons there are fewer combat deaths today in Iraq and Afghanistan than there were in past wars is that the soldiers are professionals.

But, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the president elect, and incoming White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, support the draft. In a radio interview, in 2006, in fact, Emanuel came out publicly in favor of the draft, at a time when he was in the leadership of the House Democrats.

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