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Obama's oil bomb! News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Since George W. Bush legalized off-shore drilling, the price of crude oil has plummetted from $147 a barrel to $34 a barrel. Gas prices at the pump are the lowest in years, and represent possible the only bright spot in our economy right now.

Obama has pledged repeatedly to ban off-shore drilling all over again via executive order. In fact Obama has pledge to make this one of his first actions after taking office. The speculators, the Saudi Princes, and OPEC are licking their lips in eager anticipation.

Just days ago Bush submitted a proposal to exspand offshore drilling to Alaska, California, and the Gulf of Mexico. The LA Times called the move a “firecracker in Obama’s lap.” However, if Obama bans all off-shore drilling it will be an economic nuclear bomb.

Already, the US oil companies are steadily rising the price of gas at the pump in anticipation of Obama taking office despite the fact that crude oil is still falling in price. Gas prices went up about .15 cents last week, even though crude oil fell another $5. The media has blamed the rise on Gaza, but that is completely false and outlandish. Not only does Gaza export zero barrels of crude oil, for the past several years they haven’t exported anything, because there ports are shut down!

Expect the US media to say anything to cover for Obama.