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Post Office asks for 3rd World work week. News Team

The decline of the US post office, by Kyle Rogers

Between 1883 and 1962, the cost of a 1st class stamp went from 2 cents to 4 cents. A 100% increase in 79 years.

Between 1962 and 2008, the cost of a 1st class stamp has gone from 4 cents to 42 cents. A staggering 1,050% increase in only 46 years!!!!!!!

What is more, is that in the past ten years service has deteriorated rapidly.

Priority mail, an invention to charge even more for a first class item if it’s over 13 ounces, is supposed to take 1-3 days. It used to be one flat rate no matter where in the US it was mailed. Now it cost anywhere from $4.80 to almost $8.30 for the same exact parcel depending on what state you mail it to. It is also an extra .20 cents if you take it to the counter and have an employee print the postage label for you!

One business man tells that 1-3 day priority mail is routinely taking 2 weeks to be delivered in Southern California and Chicago. The situation has devolved into total third world delivery in those parts of the nation.

Recently the Post Office violated the 1st Amendment and it’s own traditions by dramatically increasing postage for small publications, but not for large publications. Giving the major magazines a break and putting all the pressure on the little guys.

Now the postal system says delivering 6 days a week is to much and wants to halt Wednesday delivery!!!

How many times have you walked into a post office in the middle of an small overwhelmingly white town and the manager is a black female? The Black Caucus in Congress turned the US postal system into an affirmative action playground, packing the management with blacks and the expense of better qualified whites. Blacks are vastly over-represented in the ranks of postal workers. Once hired it is extremely difficult for the postal system to fire anyone.

The US postal system is the largest and most obvious failure of affirmative action in the nation.

Former Congressman Bill Clay, co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus, was a professional race hustler from St. Louis. He served 105 days in jail for staging a violent demonstration in 1963.

He was elected to congress by a black district in 1969. In 1991 he was made chairman of the House Committee on the Post Office and Civil Service. From 1991 to 1995, packing the US postal system with under qualified black management became his main project.

Prior to that the US Postal Service was reserved as a place for veterans and retired military officers to get jobs. Clay completely changed that.