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Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams calls for more African immigration to Ireland. News Team

(Sinn Fein goes all out to ruin Ireland, by Kyle Rogers)

Sinn Fein calls itself an “Irish Nationalist” political party. However, it’s representatives in the EU are members of the Communist Parties of Europe grouping. Sinn Fein has been completely marginalized in the Republic of Ireland. However, it stills wins elections in Northern Ireland because of the hostility of ethnic Irish and ethnic Ulster-Scots.

Essentially, many Irish in northern Ireland vote for Sinn Fein simply because it is the party most hated by the Ulster-Scots.

About fifty percent of all funding for Sinn Fein comes from the United States. The vast majority of American Sinn Fein contributors believe they are supporting Irish nationalism. I myself have been a member of private Irish clubs in the United States and have seen Sinn Feinn’s agents raising money at Irish music festivals and other events. I have also witnessed the same agents set up at a radical left-wing event hosted by Marxist gangs near the Ohio State University campus. At this event they had a completely different message, and were showing their true colors.

At Sinn Fein’s office in Belfast they hang portraits of Che Guvera, Nelson Mandela, and other Marxist leaders. However, when welthy American financiers are taken on a tour of the office, all the commie portraits are removed and stuffed in a closet.

The fact is Fianna Fail, the Republic of Ireland’s largest political party, is the real “Irish Nationalists.” Their representatives in the EU parliament are members of a right-wing grouping that includes such parties as the Danish People’s Party, the National Alliance of Italy, the Law and Justice Party of Poland, and so on.

The grouping is called “Alliance for Europe of Nations.” The parties refer to themselves as national-conservatives meaning they support “national interests and traditional social/ethical views.” Fianna Fail is the leading member of this grouping, and Ireland endures a lot of hostility from EU leftists because of it.

We should all be thankful that in 2007, Fianna Fail took 42% of the national vote in the Republic of Ireland. Sinn Fein took only 7% coming in 4th place.

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