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South Africa on the brink of new tribal war. News Team

Once the fierce enemy of the ANC, Zulu are poised to take control of the party. The Zulu are in the midst of a major “back-to-tribal-roots” movement, and the man favored to be the first Zulu president of South Africa says he will remain loyal to the Zulu King.

A high ranking Zulu member of the ANC was just killed by Xhosa and the notoriously violent Zulu are threatening revenge.

From BBC..

Mbongeleni Zondi died when his car was sprayed with bullets, police told the South African Press Association.

The ANC said he was “brutally assassinated”. The killing in Umlazi, south of Durban, was being investigated and police appealed for witnesses.

Mr Zondi, 39, was close to ANC leader Jacob Zuma, who is campaigning for the country’s presidency. Elections are expected to be held in April.

Last year, members of the Zulu rampaged through camps of illegal aliens from other African countries and killed over 1,000 people, beating and hacking many to death.

The ANC was originally launched by the South African Communist party and was predominately made up of the Xhosa tribe and urbanized blacks who no longer had tribal affiliations.

During the ANC take over of South Africa, armed Zulu from the Inkatha Freedom Party battled armed members of the ANC. The Zulu wanted to continue the policies set in motion by the Apartheid government to give the Zulu their own independent homeland. The Apartheid government had already granted the Swazi and Lesoth tribes independence. The ANC was adamantly opposed, because the proposed Zulu homeland contains valuable mines.

Winnie Mandela called on ANC supporters to “necklace” fellow Africans who opposed them. This meant putting a gasoline soaked tire around their necks and lighting it on fire. Many of the victims of this were Zulus.

The Apartheid government ruled South Africa between 1948-1990. Apartheid means “a piece for everyone.” In 1966 the Lesoth tribe was given the independent homeland of Lesotho and in 1968 the Swazi were given Swaziland. The Zulu were to get “Kwa Zulu Natal,” the land in between those two countries.  Other tribes were slated to get their own homelands along the borders of Zimbabwe and Botswana.

Currently many tribal groups still seek independent homelands. The Dutch Afrikaners, who are subjected to a brutal campaign of rape and murder by the Africans, also seek to form a homeland of their own. A future Afrikaner homeland would be called Volkstaat and located in a sparsely populated area of Western Cape.

It had long been feared that the end of Apartheid would bring a war between Xhosa and Zulu.

South Africa has approximately 10.7 million Zulu making them the largest ethnic group in South Africa. 7.6 million live in Kwa Zulu-Natal.

There are approximately 8 million Xhosa with about 6.5 million of those living in Cape.