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Will Mexico collapse into a Narco-State? News Team

Following the Afghan-Soviet war and preceding the rise of the authoritarian Taliban, Afghanistan was an anything goes Narco-state run be competing warlords. Many, including the US Joint Command, fears Mexico will tun into the same kind of state. The US is sending $400 million of US taxpayers dollars to fight drug cartels in Mexico.

Nearly six thousand people died in drug cartel violence in Mexico last year. More than all the Americans killed in 9/11, or all the Americans killed in the entire Iraq war.

Drug cartels infiltrate highest level of Mexican law enforcement.

Man disposed 300 bodies for drug cartel over 10 year period.

Drug Cartel violence already at unprecedented level for 2009. Six Mexican soldiers decapitated.

US Military bans weekend trips to Mexico.

Cartel hitman being prosecuted in US who killed multiple people in both Mexico and Texas.

Zapatista National Liberation Army vows to renew efforts carve out new ethnic homeland in southern Mexico. Cites drug war as evidence the Mexican government is corrupt beyond rehabilitation