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40-50 teens brutally beat bicyclist in Kalamazoo, Michigan. News Team

A 50 year old man riding his bicycle in Kalamazoo Michigan was brutally attacked and hospitalized. A relative of the man says he is mentally ill and tri-racial (part white, part black, and part American Indian).

You won’t hear this from “the mainstream media” but the attackers were a mob of 40-50 black youths. A witness says some of the attackers were as young as 12. The victim has a fractured skull and had to be put in a medically induced coma.

If the attackers had been white, this would be the single largest news story in the nation right now. The media would be screaming that the attackers were white over and over. However, since the attackers were black it is confined to the local city media and none will even mention the race of the perpetrators.

Police say this was only one of three incidents involving large crowds of “youths” Tuesday night!

From WOOD, Channel 8

Less than an hour later, a fight broke out between young women after a large group had gathered in the 700 block of North Westnedge Avenue, police said. Police arrested one woman on marijuana and disturbing the peace charges.

A short time later, police watched as one of the women approached a group and tried to attack another woman, police said. Officers said they scuffled with the woman before subduing her and finding a foot-long serrated knife in her coat sleave. The officers suffered minor scratches during the fight; the woman was not injured, police said. She faces charges of fighting, resisting police and weapons possession.

About 7 p.m. in the area of 1000 N. Church St, police responded to reports of large crowds and gunfire. A 17-year-old man apparently was struck by a ricocheting bullet fired from a semi-automatic handgun but was not seriously injured. Police said they arrested a 27-year-old man in the shooting.