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Anti-War Democrats shocked! Obama says he'll leave 50,000 in Iraq indefinitely. News Teams has been saying that Obama is pro-war for the past two years.

Surprise! Obama adopts John McCain style Iraq War policy. In fact Pelosi, Reid, and other Democrats have broken rank and criticized Obama over his plan to leave 50,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely. During the primaries, anti-war Democrats rallied against John McCain non-stop for his pledge to leave troops in Iraq for “as long as it takes.” Now Obama wants to do the exact same thing.

Obama’s policy on the war on terror is to leave about 35% of the troops in Iraq indefinitely and increase the deployment in Afghanistan. Obama would move as many as 12% of the troops currently in Iraq and could transfer them to Afghanistan.

Obama has also authorized multiple bombings of sites in Pakistan. A move that has severely strained US-Pakistani relations and destabilized the fragile northwestern corridor.