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Boston Tea Party OR Welfare revolt? News Team

With welfare checks on a 30 day delay and other payments for social services halted, at least four counties are threatening to fight back. County supervisors are declaring their intentions to either withhold tax revenue for the state or sue for the release of social services money.

What is interesting is the demographics of the counties who have threatened action so far. (from 2006 data.)

LA County – 47% Hispanic/Latino, 10% black, 13% Asian. Less than 30% white! This county accounts for 27% of the entire state!

Sacramento County – 11% Black, 20% Hispanic/Latino, 14% Asian. About 52% white.

Colusa County – 47% Hispanic/Latino, 41% of the county speaks Spanish as first language. Less than 44% white.

Riverside County – 42% Hispanic/Latino. 7% black, 44% white.

Two counties in Southern California and two counties in Northern California. What do they have in common?

Read article in Sacramento Bee.