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California counties desperate for frozen welfare money. News Team

When the state delayed welfare funds for 30 days, the counties wrote the checks themselves. However, they say that if the money flow does not resume soon, they’ll go bankrupt paying for welfare in no time.

Money supplied from the state of California to each county to pay for welfare was delayed 30 days. This means that counties have to foot the bill for February and hope they get the money back in March. A total of 3.3 Billion dollars for cash welfare benefits, food stamps, social services, various agencies, and state income tax refunds was delayed for 30 days.

San Bernardino County has 98,000 children enrolled in welfare. That is a full 5% of the entire county. This means that 1 out of every 20 people in the county is a child who’s parent is receiving welfare money to cover their expenses. The county has 593,000 people under 18. This means that 1 out of every 6 kids in the county is enrolled in welfare. The county spends 30 million dollars of state funds per month on cash welfare benefits. According to a 2006 estimate from the census bureau, the county is 63% non-white. 19% of county residents are foreign born.

San Bernardino County says that if the welfare money does not resume at the beginning of March, the county will go bankrupt soon and welfare recipients just won’t get the money.

A coalition of six heavily non-white counties will be holding an emergency meeting to discuss funding for welfare, food stamps, and other state funded services.