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California on the brink. news Team

Tens of thousands of violent criminals may be released. 90 million dollars worth of welfare checks, food stamps, and other social services have been delayed for 30 days. Millions of Californians could receive IOU certificates instead of state income tax rebates.

The state of California has already slashed hours for nearly a quarter of a million state employees. The equivalent of a 9% pay cut for state employees. Now the Governor says he will have to lay off 10,000 workers Friday unless the state legislature makes a deal in time.

Due to union regulations it takes many months to actually fire a person. The state department says it would have to send out 20,000 pink slips, in hopes getting half that number off the payroll by July 1st, 2009.

Three radical left wing judges have ordered the state to release 57,000 prisoners claiming that the conditions at the prisons are too crowded. A panel of three judges, one black and two Jewish, have ordered a mass release of prisoners. California has over 170,000 state prisoners, including tens of thousands of some of the most violent gang members in the nation.

To release 57,000 prisoners at a time when the job market has vanished and social services has completely broken down would be a catastrophe. Not to mention that escalating violence in Mexico is pushing a new wave of illegal aliens into California. A combination of starving poor and violent narcotics traffickers.

California’s brutal over regulation of business and super high state income tax, has sent middle class whites and business owners packing. Meanwhile roofing, construction, and other companies are rapidly moving to the cash only, underground economy and simply not paying taxes.

Several counties, with the highest percentages on welfare, are threatening to withhold state money adding to the woes of the state legislature.