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California taxpayers fed up. News Team

The Modesto daily paper actually printed this letter to the editor yesterday.

From Modesto Bee…

California lawmakers make $116,208 base annual salary and $34,680 average for expenses! Gov. Schwarzenegger calls our current budget deficit of $42 billion a “rock upon our chest.” I say that these guys responsible for the deficit are an anchor around California’s ankle.

If I get an IOU from the state for my tax refund, what stops me from claiming an exemption on my check long enough to recoup the money owed? I encourage everyone who gets an IOU to do the same.

The people responsible for this embarrassing fiasco should get the IOUs, not the rest of us. If I came to my boss and said, “Hey, I lost all your money, can I have more?” I’m pretty sure I know the answer and his next move. Are we not the “boss” of these “employees” responsible for this mess?