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Can you believe what the LA Times actually prints??? News Team

California has the highest sales tax, the second highest gas tax, and one of the top two or three state income taxes. However the LA Times ran an editorial titled “California Tax Hikes Long Overdue.”

Can you believe the audacity of the LA Times? Did you know that the state of California gave 432 million dollars worth of welfare and food stamps to illegal aliens in LA County with “anchor babies.” This is just the illegal aliens who are legally receiving welfare under California state law. This doesn’t count the illegals who’s children were born overseas and are fraudulently receiving welfare. The state also spends an estimated 400 million a year for health care for illegal aliens in LA County. With the costs of schooling and incarcerating illegals, the combined strain on the state and county for illegal aliens in LA County is easily in excess of 2 Billion dollars per year.

Here is another gem. An editorial blaming state lawmakers for overcrowded prisons and calling for the release of prisoners to ease crowding. Click Here. No mention that an estimated 30% of the state prison population are illegal aliens. In many counties, the amount of illegals in the county jails is even higher.