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Cancer researcher murdered in high dollar condo. News Team

This story highlights the need for Americans to be better educated about racial differences. A cancer researcher living in a 2.5 million dollar penthouse condo let a black man off the street into her condo. The man told her he was interested in buying hers and wanted to see what the inside of one looked like.

Once inside, he beat her to death. Then he stole her credit cards and went on a shopping spree. Then he actually returned to the same building and tried to con another person into letting him in their condo.

The most shocking thing about the story is that a security guard at the condo offered to provide a security escort. The murder victim told the security guard no, stating “I don’t want him to think I don’t trust him.”

According to the Department of Justice, blacks are nine times more likely to commit murder than white people. Of course you will never hear this on the news. Perhaps if Eugenia Calle knew it, this prominent cancer researcher would still be alive.

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By the way. Look at this absurd line, the genius reporters at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution put in their article. “It’s not clear whether Thompson seriously intended to buy a home in Aqua or had the money to do so.” Crackerjack reporting Mike Morris and Tim Eberly!