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Catastrophe! Illegal Immigration has reduced California to shambles. News Team

California has 40 Billion dollar budget deficit. State bond rating in serious jeopardy. (California already has a low rating for a US state).

California to begin issuing IOUs! 4 Billion in state payments to be delayed for at least 30 days. Tax refunds, welfare payments, government grants, and government scholarships to be halted for the duration of February or longer. Numerous state funded construction projects will also come to a halt February 2nd. State tax refunds could be delayed indefinitely, with taxpayers getting state issued IOUs instead of a check.

Burdened with tens of Billions to feed, house, school, care, and incarcerate illegal immigrants, California can no longer pay for itself.

California D-M-D to close two extra days a month.

San Fransisco slashing $118 million in government expenditure. City funded day care to be halted. San Fransisco also reversing an 08 pay raise for city employees.

Unemployment is at nearly 10%. The 2006 Census listed California as 27% foreign born. The actual figure is far higher, because of illegal aliens not being counted in this figure.