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Church of England shoots itself in the face. News Team

The Church of England has been going along with every left-wing policy of the British government. Including the removal of Christian symbols and bibles from hospitals, schools, and hotels. All in the name of the cult of multiculturalism. They also canonized an African immigrant as Archbishop of York to show their dedication to diversity.

Now, at the request of leading left-wing activists, the Church of England voted to bar clergy from being members of the British National Party. The obvious irony is that the BNP is the only political party in England that is defending the public display of Christian symbols and standing up for England’s Christian heritage.

The Church of England has experienced a rapid decline in attendance for decades. So severe, that the Catholic church in England may actually soon surpass the Church of England in attendance!

The only plausible outcome of the ban on BNP membership is another rapid mass exodus of church goers from the pews on Sunday.

The Church of England says it has identified five members who are clergy.

Even the left-leaning London Telegraph published an editorial mocking the synod’s decision.

Are C of E clergy banned from joining the Communist Party or anti-Christian Labour?