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CofCC still enemy #1 in SPLC rag. News Team

Four times a year, the SPLC publishes a free magazine misnamed the “intelligence report.” The magazine is a key part of their transparent fund raising hustle. Each issue features a few pictures of “racists” they find posted on the internet along with “reports” based on websites. Locations of alleged “racists” groups are mapped out, though some of these groups are nonexistent or have been defunct for years.

This “intelligence report” has helped the SPLC amass a staggering $150 million endowment and pay a small group of radical leftists $300,000 a year salaries plus bonuses. The SPLC was founded by Morris Dees who is Ted Kennedy’s former chief fund raising hustler.

The new issue is out and (drum roll), once again the CofCC made the issue! The CofCC has been a major component of every single issue of the SPLC’s magazine for about the last ten years!

We all know that affirmative action lending and the threatening of banks with federal lawsuits to give more loans to minorities played a major role in the economic crisis. Not only blacks, but Hispanics both legal and illegal have far higher rates of foreclosure than whites. However, the SPLC goes on the attack against “far-right commentators” Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, and Michelle Malkin, for mentioning the immigration angle.

But who does the SPLC enlist to get the facts? LA RAZA! That’s right, the SPLC uses La Raza, a militant anti-American reconquista outfit, to explain why illegal immigrants didn’t hurt the economy.

The SPLC rag also explains why the Minutemen are “nativist extremists.”

The magazine includes an article listing “racist backlashes.” Almost everything on the list is vandalism or alleged name calling. Some of the items listed are legal expression covered by the 1st amendment! Only one item on the list was an alleged racially motivated physical assault against a black person.

I could find dozens of racially motivated murders and severe beatings of whites committed by non-whites that occurred in the same time frame. Many have been posted on this website. The SPLC does not mention one. A motel in Alabama flying a Confederate flag is more dangerous than white people being murdered because they are white according to the SPLC viewpoint.