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Eric Holder makes absurd statement to justify Obama gun ban! News Team

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder justified limiting the gun rights of law abiding American citizens by saying more gun control is needed to stop the flow of weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Drug Cartels in Mexico are armed with machine guns, sub-machine guns, grenades, and RPGs. None of which are legal in the United States. The first “assault rifle,” was invented by Germans during WWII and no assault rifle has ever been legal for the general public to buy at any time since it’s inception. Machine guns and sub-machine guns have been illegal in the United States since 1927. Grenades have been illegal even longer. At no time since the inception of the RPG, has it even been legal in the United States.

What is more, semi-automatics that use the same receivers as automatic military versions are required by law to have permanent modifications so they can not be made to fire fully automatic. For example, a Kalashnikov rifle or AR-15 sold to law abiding American citizens has completely different bolts that can not be made to fire automatically.

But according to Eric Holder, drug cartels come to American gun stores and purchase BAFT-approved semi-automatic firearms. Then when they get back to Mexico, they magically turn into fully automatic military versions of the firearms.

So Eric Holder says that law abiding American citizens must give up more of their God given rights so these guns can’t magically turn into machine guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. God forbid we shut down the border and just keep Mexicans from coming in illegally!