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Forbes top ten "most miserable" cities. News Team

Often people accuse of “picking on blacks and Hispanics.” So here is a list of the “top ten most miserable cities” published by the prestigious Forbes magazine. I guess Forbes is also picking on minorities as well.

This year Stockton, CA and Modesto, CA were propelled to the top five because of the housing crises in California combined with California’s high taxes. Typically majority black cities like Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans top the list.

From Forbes

We compiled our rankings by looking at the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the U.S., which meant those with a population of at least 378,000. We ranked those metros on nine factors: commute times, corruption, pro sports teams, Superfund sites, taxes (both income and sales), unemployment, violent crime and weather.

Notice Forbes even included pro sports teams and weather. Factors that are completely independent of race.

Demographic figures from 2000. Actual percentage of white residents is most likely even less now.

# 1.Stockton, CA. (67.8% non-white)

# 2.Memphis,TN. (66.7% non-white)

# 3. Chicago,IL. (68.7% non-white)

# 4. Cleveland,OH. (61.2% non-white)

# 5. Modesto, CA. (Forbes had to include most of county as the “Modesto Metropolitan area” to get to the 375,000 mark. The actual city of Modesto is 41% non-white, but the county is 49% non-white. Forbes cites the sub-prime loan crises as to why Modesto is so high on the list.)

# 6. Flint, MI. (60.64% non-white)

# 7. Detroit, MI. (90.2% non-white)

# 8. Buffalo, N.Y (49.43% non-white)

# 9. Miami, FL (89% non-white)

#10. St. Louis, MO. (56.2% non-white)