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Four dead, 1 wounded in apparent racially motivated killing spree. News Team

A former Hispanic hospital employee goes on deadly rampage. Kills four white people across two counties in northwestern New York.

A Hispanic man is believed to be behind a deadly rampage spanning two counties and targeting Caucasian people. He stands accused of killing four, and wounding a fifth. His first three victims were employees at a hospital where he used to work. The killer shot them in the parking lot of the hospital as they arrived for work.

A second couple was murdered execution style in their own house one county over.

Also in Rochestor, New York a white police officer barely survives being shot in the back of the head by a 14 year old black thug.

The local media in Rochester won’t admit the killer was black.

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Both of these news stories are receiving a significant amount of attention. However you will see no mention of race whatsoever in the coverage of either story. This is the complete opposite of the reporting style in extremely rare instances when a non-white is murdered by a white person. In those cases the race of the victim and perpetrator are repeated over and over in every news segment. It is also an automatic national news story when a non-white is killed by a white perpetrator.

Take the Jasper, Texas killing. Three white ex-cons murdered a black ex-con whom they had served in prison with. The ring leader of the trio wanted revenge for being gang raped by black inmates in prison. The story immediately became the biggest news story in the United States with the races of the victim and perpetrators including in the headlines. The story was also reported all over Europe. Far from falling down the memory hole, ten years later the killing is constantly being revived. We have a barrage of fresh news stories each year on the anniversary. We have special news segments on the “healing in Jasper, Texas.”