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Iran launches first domestic satellite as North Korea talks of new Korean War. News War Report


Iran launches satellite into space. Video.

Iran claims the rocket and satellite were both designed and manufactured domestically. If true it would be a huge leap in Iran’s missile capacity.

North Korea:

North Korean senior officials say that the country is “on the brink of war” with Southern Korea. The “invincible” North Korean army has been ordered to prepare for war.

North Korea is also preparing to test new long range missiles. North Korea is possibility the most militarized nation on earth, with an active duty force larger than Russia! The active duty forces include 20% of all men aged 17-54 in the country. There are 1.2 million active duty troops and over 7 million reservists. Of the reserves, 3.5 million members of well organized “worker-pheasant militia.” These militia units are armed with heavy weaponry. Among active duty servicemen, 90,000 are part of North Korea special forces.

While North Korea’s vast air force is obsolete junk, it does have the most fortified coastline in the world and over 600 ballistic missiles aimed at South Korea. Hundreds are artillery pieces are also aimed at the border.

South Korea has about 700,000 active duty troops. Making it the 6th largest army in the world.

It is feared that US military installations would be attacked first with a massive missile and artillery barrage in the event of war, then overrun by a sea of tanks and men. The US has 30,000 troops in South Korea along the border.

North Korean Ballistic Missiles.


Israel planes bombed Gaza again Tuesday. Stalling further peace and increasing the pressure against the Egyptian government to take an aggressive posture against Israel.