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The great political double standard.

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The American Jew/Israeli Jew disconnect. – by Kyle Rogers

Photo Right: Is ultra-nationalism great for Israel but completely wrong for any European nation? The ADL certainly thinks so.

According to CNN’s national exit poll, a shocking 83% of American Jews voted for Obama. This month Jews living in Israel went in the exact opposite direction. They embraced parties that are pro-gun, anti-immigration, and seek greater protection of Israeli citizenship. They also rejected the socialism of the Labor party, even though Labor still supports Zionism. Some leading Israeli politicians are now calling for many Muslims to be stripped of Israeli citizenship.

Israel has already halted all immigration from Africa, and has imposed rules on guest workers that require applicants to sign away their civil rights. Israel has increased gun freedom to the point where Israeli gun law now includes the best aspects of Switzerland and Texas.

The “far-right” Likud party grew from 12 seats to 27 seats and the “far-right” Yisrael Beiteinu grew from 11 to 15 in the February 10th, 2009 election. Another 7 seats went to two smaller parties considered right-wing. All while American Jewish groups are denouncing right-wing parties in Europe as “Nazis” and “Hatemongers.”

The Labor party, an Israel mainstay which combines Zionism and Socialism dropped from 2nd place to 4th place, losing 6 seats.

The moderate Kadima party lost one seat and just barely beat Likud to come in first place.

The new makeup of the 120 person Knesset.

Kadima (Moderates, largest party) – 28
Right-wing/Hardline Zionist parties – 49
Zionist-Left – 13
Populist Sephardi Party – 11
Far-left parties – 7
Arab Parties – 7
Ashkenazim Orthodox Party – 5

Around the world, Israel ultra-nationalism is being compared to Europe in the 1930s. Many believe the new ruling coalition will embrace the most radical elements of Zionism.

There is a side issue that Israel is causing a split in the ranks of the American Democratic party. There is a rapidly growing wing of the Democratic party that is anti-Israel. These people seek to brand Israel as a sort of new South Africa. A new “racist” boogieman to rail against.

Now is the time to take on these radical militant leftists like the ADL over their vicious hate campaign against American and European right-wingers. Israel now has a far more right-wing, nationalistic goverment that any nation in Europe. The ADL’s credibility would instantly disintegrate in any public forum with an open debate!