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Just another "baby mama drama?" News Team

A black man in Philadelphia gets into a fight with his “baby mama” and unleashes a hail of gunfire hitting a six month old in the face. Then he kidnaps a 3 year old that he fathered.

You would think that such a horrifying incident would require special sensitivity by the media. Apparently this type of incident is so common that the Philadelphia NBC affiliate simply referred to it as “baby mama drama.”

Watch the video segment on the crime on this NBC affiliate’s websites. The headline “Baby Mama Drama” appears when you play the clip. See article and watch video clip.

Related: According to the American Nurses Association, femicide (murder of a female by a male intimate partner) is a leading cause of death among young black women. The association reports that white females who have relationships with black males suffer the same high rate of femicide as their black counterparts. Black males are over 8 times more likely to murder an intimate partner than whites. Read Article.