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Left-wing San Francisco Chronicle may shut down. News Team

The San Francisco Chronicle lost a staggering 50 million dollars last year and may shut down.

From Reuters…

But the Chronicle lost more than $50 million last year and this year’s losses to date are worse, Hearst said on its website on Tuesday. It said the paper has lost “major” amounts of money since 2001, a year after Hearst bought the paper.

“Survival is the outcome we all want to achieve. But without the specific changes we are seeking across the entire Chronicle organization, we will have no choice but to quickly seek a buyer for the Chronicle or, should a buyer not be found, to shut the newspaper down,” said Hearst Corp Chief Executive Frank Bennack Jr.

More than 100 employees gathered in a conference room to hear the news from Editor Ward Bushee and Publisher Frank Vega after receiving a message about a mandatory staff meeting.

“Some people were crying at the meeting,” said Rachel Gordon, 47, a transportation reporter at the paper. “But people are trying to get the newspaper out for tomorrow.”

“We knew it was going to be ominous when we got that message,” Gordon added. ” said Hearst really wants to make this work, that shutting us down is a last resort.”

A Hearst spokesman declined to say whether the company has hired an adviser or banker to try to sell the paper.

The paper employs 275 news staff and is the 12th-largest in the United States, according to the U.S. Audit Bureau of Circulations, with average weekday circulation of 339,430. It is the 19th-largest paper by Sunday circulation.

San Francisco-based Marxist activist Kirsten Brydum went to visit the slums in New Orleans to campaign for Barack Obama. She was murdered for being white. No one would even call the police as her body laid on a busy sidewalk for hours. The San Francisco Chronicle published an editorial claiming she was “on vacation” in the 9th ward ghetto and killed in a “robbery.” Nothing, not even her bicycle was stolen. The New Orleans police even said it was “not a robbery.”

No wonder no one is reading this trash!

The following newspapers have already shut down their daily paper since March of 2007.

Baltimore Examiner
Kentucky Post
Cincinnati Post
King County Journal
Union City Register-Tribune
Capital Times
Halifax Daily News
Albuquerque Tribune
South Idaho Press
San Juan Star

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