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Marxist & "Anarchist" gangs battle police in Dresden. News Team

From a German Supporter:

Over 7,000 right-wing and patriotic Germans marched in Dresden. The march commemorated the US & British firebombing of the city that killed over 135,000 people, mostly women and children, after Winston Churchill declared the city a safezone and one million refugees had packed the city. Approximately 4,000 American POWs also perished in the bombing.

Most American citizens were unaware that the bombing campaign ever took place until it was commemorated by the popular movie Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut that came out in 1969. The movie followed a group of American POWs who lived through the bombing.

As the march commenced, hundreds of violent thugs representing self-described “Marxist” and “Anarchist” gangs attacked police with clubs and bottles. Many wore masks.

Rather than denounce the thugs, the German media viciously denounced the marchers as “neo-nazis” for being patriotic.

Recently the Federal Government of Germany violated it’s own law against “Defaming the Death,” and declared that only 25,000 people died in the firebombing. The report was transparently disingenuous and only looked at actual residents of Dresden who died. At the time, Dresden had one million residents, and about one million refugees who were concentrated in the city center. The refugees, of which most were women, children, and elderly, suffered most of the casualties. However, the politically motivated government report ignores the existence of these people.

Photo Below: Some of the peaceful counter-protesters.