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Montana House defies the Federal government on gun control. News Team

Montana House passes radical gun rights bill that defies Federal gun law.

Montana – A bill passed the Montana House which exempts firearms and ammunition made in Montana from the commerce clause. The bill cites the 9th and 10th Amendments as justification. The bill is pretty radical in that it declares the intention of the state to defy Federal gun laws. The bill says that any firearms, firearms accessory, or ammunition manufactured within Montana’s borders either commercially or privately is not subject to Federal Regulation. It is HB 246, it passed 64 to 36. Click here for full details and text.

More information on the movement to get resolutions passed declaring the individual state as “sovereign” under the 10th amendment.

-On February 20th, 2009 a resolution was introduced into the Arkansas Assembly with 3 sponsors. Click Here for full details and text.

Kentucky – A resolution, HCR 168, has been introduced into the House. It is unknown how many sponsors it has. Click Here.