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Obama's home county in shambles! Whites want to leave. News Team

As Cook county descends into a 3rd World city with failing services, the white townships who are footing the bill want to secede!

Cook county is now less than 45% white. Whites are leaving so fast that the population is shrinking, even though large numbers of Hispanics continue to arrive. The 2000 census claimed Cook County was 20% foreign born. It would be much higher today.

Several majority white townships in the northwest corner, outside of Chicago city limits, want to secede and form a new county.

From UPI

Officials say several Illinois townships are exploring seceding from Chicago-dominated Cook County because of dissatisfaction with services and government.

Voters in Palatine Township, in a non-binding referendum, will be asked in April whether they want to secede and whether the county should continue to collect a 1 percentage point sales tax increase enacted last year.

Barrington, Schaumburg, Elk Grove and Hanover townships are considering similar referendums, said Scott Lamerand, a Palatine resident and secession supporter.

To establish a new county, binding referendums would need to be passed with the question eventually going to the entire county for approval, The Arlington Heights (Ill.) Daily Herald reported Tuesday.

Though secession has been discussed before, this is the first time it has reached the ballot in Palatine Township, even as a nonbinding question, said Township Supervisor Linda Fleming.

Note: A very similar battle is waging in Fulton County, Georgia. Where taxes paid by small town whites are spent on blacks in the city of Atlanta.