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One party dictatorship coming. News Team

For twenty years the CofCC has warned of this exact very thing. Several members of the CofCC board of directors have been warning of this since the 50s and 60s through the Citizens’ Councils of America. The purpose of mass non-white immigration and the mobilization of the black vote is to bring about a left-wing pro-Marxist one party dictatorship. This is the culmination of almost 100 years of work by the socialist wing of the Democratic party (which now constitutes the majority of the Democratic party as a whole.)

Senate democrats voted to grant the black DC delegate a full vote as a US Senator. Obama is already congratulating Senate Democrats and says he can’t wait to sign the final bill into law. This would add one more left wing democrat to the Senate putting Democrats 1 vote away from a super majority. Barack Obama is an original sponsor of the bill from when he was in the Senate.

Unconstitutional you say! Not so. Before the cloture vote, Republicans challenged the constitutionality of the bill and Democrats held a vote and voted that is was in fact constitutional. The next step will be to add Puerto Rico as a state to add two more radical left-wing Senators (left-wing Democrats have been proposing this for decades).

What is worse is three Republicans actually sponsored the bill. Think about that. Three Republicans sponsored a bill to make the Republicans irrelevant and powerless in the United States Senate. It is already blatantly obvious that Democrats have no desire to rule from the middle. They are pushing through radical legislation at breakneck speed.

The bill also adds two representatives to the House. One from DC and one from Utah.

The following Republican traitors actually sponsored the bill.

Sen Arlen Specter PA,

Sen Orin Hatch UT,

Sen George Voinovich OH,

Vote Number 67. On the Point of Order (Is The Constitutional Point of Order Well Taken? )
In other words. Is the bill constitutional.

The following Republicans Republican traitors voted that there is nothing constitutionally objectionable to the bill. Collins (ME), Hatch (UT), Lugar (IN), Snowe (ME), Specter (PA), Voinovich (OH). The same six Republicans also voted to pass the bill.

This bill will cause irreparable harm to the Republican party. The new DC Senate seat is a guaranteed addition to both the Democratic and Black caucuses for the conceivable future.