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Record state budget shortfalls. News Team

State Budget Shortfalls out of control. There is nearly 200 Billion in reported state budget shortfalls for 2009 and 2010. Most states are avoiding cuts by raising taxes and banking on the Obama stimulus package to cover deficits in certain areas.

Numerous states face a crippling 2009 budget shortfall. However, they are forecasting apocalyptic shortfalls for 2010. Read More.

It is interesting to note, that for the most part, the states with the highest percentages of white people are in the best fiscal shape. The states with the least percentage of whites tend to be the worst.

Of the 46 states reporting a budget shortfall, 42 have published estimates so far.

There are four states predicting no budget deficit in 2009. These are West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana. Easily four of the whitest states in the nation. Of the 46 states with a 2009 deficit, the four states who’s deficit is the smallest in proportion to the size of their general fund, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, and South Dakota are the lowest.

The five states who’s deficit is the highest in proportion to their general fund are Alabama, Arizona, California, Illinois, and South Carolina. California has the highest percentage of Hispanics, the highest percentage of foreign born, and the highest percentage of illegals. Alabama have the 2nd and 3rd highest percentages of blacks. Arizona has the third highest percentage of Hispanics. (Texas has the second highest percentage of Hispanics, but did not publish an estimate yet.)