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Remember the black supremacist cult that wanted to link up with Al-Quaida. News Team

Two juries already deadlocked. This time around prosecutors can not even get a jury seated. Welcome to the justice system in 3rd World multicultural Miami.

No Hispanic males, and lots of blacks is what defense lawyers are asking for in the Miami trial of six black cult members. The trial stems from the six dimwitted cult members swearing loyalty to an Al-Qaida member who was actually a government agent undercover. They allegedly promised to carry out bomb attacks in exchange for money for “bus passes” and “sneakers.” The cult members claim that they never intended to bomb anything, and only wanted Al-Qaida to buy them free stuff.

Defense lawyer know that black jurors don’t want to convict blacks. Many times they won’t even convict blacks who committed horrific murders. This trial has brought to light a new phenomenon. Defense lawyers don’t want any male Hispanics to serve on the trial.

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