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Right-wing European Parties hold major meeting. News Team

Right-right political parties from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Serbia and Switzerland meet in Vienna to discuss a unified front against the Lisbon Treaty, opposition to the admittance of Turkey into the EU, and the future of the Sovereignty of individual European nations.

There are 785 members of the European Parliament. The moderate/center-right are the largest group with 288. A total of 401 members belong to Socialist, Communist, and leftist/”Liberal” groups. 44 are members of the right-wing Union for Europe of the Nations. Another 21 are members of the right-wing Independence/Democracy group. While there are over twenty members of so-called “far-right” groups who are unaffiliated.

In June 2009 the EU will elect all new members and all the parties who are right of center are poised to make big gains.

Now a new alliance is emerging that could see a right-wing grouping as the third largest in the EU at the June elections. Now the Austrian Freedom Party, one of two far-right parties that together control one third of the Austrian parliament has announced it’s plans to join the UEN group in the EU. If other far-right parties follow suit, the UEN could easily become the third largest grouping in the European Parliament after June elections.

Across Europe, Leftists, Socialist, and Communist parties are losing ground to moderates, right-wing, and far-right parties. Italy and Poland now have right-wing ruling coalitions, while far-right parties control one third of Parliaments in Austria and Flanders. Britain is expected to add a significant number of far-right members of the EU as well. Any party that gets 5% or more of the vote in their nation will get representation in the EU. The BNP is now poling as high as 20% in some parts of England. In 2004, the BNP scored 4.9%, just barely missing the mark.