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SHOCKING! Obama seizes direct control of census. News Team

The appointment of a conservative/libertarian Republican senator as Secretary of Commerce was just a show by Obama. Immediately after the appointment, Obama stripped the position of one of it’s biggest functions! Control of the 2010 census.

Everyone knows that it is possible to organize a Decennial Census in a way that benefits one party or another politically. One way to effectuate this otherwise unpalatable departure from the Census Bureau’s two hundred year history of non-partisanship is to put the Bureau administratively under direction of the politicos in the White House. In reality that would be a sure invitation to cook the books on the highly consequential count of Americans. – Bruce Chapman, Director of the Census 81-83.

The first US census was taken in 1790 under Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Since the information is used for the allocation of congressional seats, Thomas Jefferson deemed it extremely important that the census be conducted free of partisan influence!

Now Obama has unilaterally seized control of the 2010 census and put the White House directly in charge. The census will be run directly out of the office of far-left White House chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

Remember how Obama paid millions to ACORN during the presidential campaign? ACORN in turn filed possibly millions of fraudulent voter applications in heavily black precincts. That way crooked election workers could “vote” the fraudulent entries at the end of election day. Adding an untold number of phony Obama votes. (In Indiana, and North Carolina in particular, the last 4-5% of precincts to report were almost all black precincts who turned in astronomical numbers of Obama votes and turned the tide from McCain to Obama at the last hour.)

The group had a long history of involvement in voter fraud, and Obama knew it! ACORN is currently under at least 14 different investigations. Investigations that many in ACORN believe Obama’s new appointees will help scuttle.

What else is Obama capable of? What other powers will Obama unilaterally grant to the White House?

Atlas Shrugs.

According to MSNBC, the White House is citing “minority groups’ concerns” for taking over the census. Will the Obama White House cook the books to create more “black” congressional districts for 2012?