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White is still the standard of beauty. News Team

White is still the standard of beauty. – by Kyle Rogers

In the past has posted stories about the phenomenon that South American and Middle Eastern nations elect tall fair skinned Caucasian women as their beauty queens. took hundreds of beautiful women and asked readers to vote on who should be in the top 99 online. claims they received over 10 million votes.

Not surprisingly, 84 of the 99 are white. What may surprise some readers even more that of the 15 remaining, 13 have some white ancestry. In many cases they 3/4th or more white.

There is one Sri Lankan Tamil. There is one Korean. These appear to be the only two with no white ancestry.

There are three “Latinas,” however all three are of majority Caucasian ancestry. Their Indigenous ancestry is marginal. One has even been cast for the role of white women in movies.

There are eight who are classified as “African America.” Most make Barack Obama look dark. Four from the US and UK are the product of Caucasian mothers with Mulatto fathers. One even has green eyes. Two more are from Cayman Island and Barbados. They look like Quadroons as well. One even has Hazel eyes. There are two more that are Mulattoes, though still much lighter skinned than Obama.

There is a woman who is 1/4th Russian, 1/4th Hawaiian. and 1/2th Filipino. Lastly there is woman of mixed Caucasian and Filipino ancestry who looks mostly Caucasian.

All in all there is not a single woman on the list who even reaches the complexion of Barack Obama. With 10 million votes, this shows once again that not only do whites males favor white women, all races find white women to be the most beautiful.

The US is 13% black. Unfortunately, even black men aren’t voting for any dark skinned women. They hold up light-skinned Quadroons with green or hazel eyes as symbols of “African American” beauty.


Photo Right: Actual African Women. Photos Below: Symbols of “African American Beaty.” Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, and Beyonce. All three of these women were part of the “top 99.” These are women that male black celebrities refer to with terms like “Nubian Goddess,” and “African Queen.”


The same is true of “Latina Beauty.” The women praised as symbols of Latina beauty are virtually always of majority Caucasian ancestry. Photos Below, Leryn Franco (From Paraguay), Jessica Alba (Father is from Mexico). Two of the three “Latinas” from the top 99. Both have marginal Indigenous ancestry. Of course we could look at any television show or beauty pageant in South America and easily see that South American men of all racial backgrounds prefer to look at white women.


So in a country that is now only 65% white, almost everyone on the top 99 is Caucasian or of majority Caucasian ancestry. As a final note, I would like to point that the actual most beautiful woman in America is Kirsten Dunst