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13 year old girl murdered. News Team

Update: The monster the system refused to stop, most likely has at least four female murder victims and multiple attempted murder victims.

Brutal killer was as bad as the monsters in horror movies. He burned a woman alive with lighter fluid in 1987!

This monster was released from prison in 2003. Immediately he was charged with rape, but acquitted by an OJ style jury. Then two more burned female victims were found, in which he is suspect. One of the victims was only 14.

Then he threatens to kill his own 18 month old son in stand off with SWAT. He is slapped on the wrist with a three month sentence. After being released he solicits sex from a 13 year old girl and is sentencedĀ  to a year in prison. He is released from prison months early and goes on a violent rampage. His rampage involves burglarizing a man’s house and stabbing the man ten times. It ends with the rape and murder of a beautiful 13 year old girl.

Should have been given the death penalty multiple times, yet allowed to walk the streets by OJ style juries and a broken judicial system. Click Here.

Anthony Kirkland is a violent monster and convicted sex offender. After being released from state prison early he went on a violent crime spree that ended in the brutal murder of a 13 year old girl.

This monster was supposed to have been in State Prison until March 28th, 2009 for a previous crime, but was released months early.

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Overflow crowd at funeral. Click Here.

Black men are 3 times more likely to commit murder than Latino/Mestizo men, 4 times more likely than American Indians, 9 times more likely than whites, and 10 times more likely than Orientals.

Between 1976 and 2005, a staggering 59% of all felony murders in the United States were committed by blacks, even though they only made up 13% of the population.

About 15% of their murder victims are white. By comparison, only 2% of the victims of white murderers are black. A white person is astronomically more likely to be murdered by a black person than the other way around.

Source: Department of Justice, Burea of Justice Statistics.